Monday, June 9, 2008


Here is another drawing from the big sketchbook. I enjoy drawing with this amount of detail but I don't care to paint this realistically any more.

It was a busy day but I managed to start a watercolor painting. The first pass is wet into wet random color intermingling. I like nothing better than taking a big brush and moving color around on the paper with no idea or imagery in mind. It brings out the child at play. Tomorrow I will paint the second stage. I have this idea in my mind's eye how I want the painting to go. The inner vision doesn't always match up with the eventual reality but the only way to find out is to do it. I am anxious to see where this idea will take me. If all else fails, there is always gesso.

I still need to do my drawing for the day. I bought some Cala Lilies at the grocery store today. They are so elegant in form. They should make for an interesting object to draw from life.


Nava said...

Not bad... ;-)

I think I've seen this drawing in person - it is even more stunning face to face.

Hope your weekly challenge Calla Lilies survive this sudden summer.

Cecelia said...

That is just beautiful!
I was going to draw my hand,complete with wrinkles, a while back. I just had to get loose, though, and start indicating. I couldn't take drawing all those wrinkles! LOL! I think I would get lost as I moved along and just ran out of patience.

Michelle Himes said...

Oh, wow! I thought your paintings were wonderful, but your pencil portraits blow me away!

Linda said...

Your sketches are amazing!

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