Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have noticed that I am very partial to triangles in my compositions. This drawing is a good example of multiple many can you find? I also enjoy drawing hands with the fingers interlaced. It makes a fascinating puzzle of shapes that lock together.

I worked on my painting for a little while today. I want to change course in the middle of an idea but need to follow through with my original plan. I keep telling myself it is only a piece of paper and I can do another version if this doesn't work out. So far, I don't like what I have. It makes it harder to keep going, but I can meet the challenge. Lately, so many things are taking up my painting time but I make sure I get in at least an hour.


Nava said...

Very powerful face, and strong hands to go with it - and yet, there's so much tenderness to it.

As I was writing this comment, The JohnnyB came by, asking if I want something.

"Yes, I want to draw like Myrna!", I whined.

"Yup", he said in eloquent Minnesotan, "she's good!".

mary Crowell said...

guess I am not very good at finding the geometries unless you are speaking about the triangles between the fingers, the ones of the jeans creases, the nose? too subtle for me!

Mike said...

Y'better explain this one, Myrna. It is a GREAT subject to address . . .one that many of us find mysterious.

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