Monday, March 10, 2008


I was dropped off at the Denver airport very early this morning as my sister had to go to work. My plane departure was supposed to be 11:45 but it was delayed an hour. Lots of time to get into trouble in the airport. What's a woman to do? Go shopping, of course!! There was a wonderful shop with beautiful hand made fine crafts and some art books I had never seen before. I bought one called "From Ordinary to Extraordinary" Art and Design Problem Solving. It is pubished by Davis Publications ( I plan to check out their web site for other interesting titles. It is written by a very talented secondary art teacher and has lots of great projects and assignments. This man, Ken Vieth, has received international recognition for his teaching ideas. I plan to incorporate some of them in the challenges. In fact, I shall publish a challenge tomorrow night from this book.

I did manage to paint two heads on one page in my sketch book while winging my way home. I had failed to put the Elegant Writer in my little art kit for the plane, so I drew with a pencil and then painted with my small watercolor set by Koi. It helps pass the time and keep my drawing skills from rusting. I found these images in a fashion section of the Sunday New York Times my sister gets. I thought these guys were pretty funny, actually, trying to look so sultry and sexy. It reminded me of "Zoolander" The lighting was excessively dramatic creating easy shadow shapes to draw and paint. So many faces to paint, so little time!

The deleted comment below is from a spammer. Do not go to his profile. There is no information but a blog listing where I'm sure he will capture your e-mail address. This is the second spam comment in a week, so I have changed the settings on the comment section. From now on I will review each comment before it gets posted and you will have to put in those weird letter combinations. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but it is for all our safety. There is always somebody out there trying t ruin it for the rest of us.


Anonymous said...
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Nava said...

Jaws of steel - I like these sketches.

Yes, spammers are all over the place. I also had to turn the word verification back. Quite annoying.

I got "laaboch" as the word fro today :-)

Cecelia said...

I have a travel set of Winsor Newton watercolors that I've had for years. I take that, an empty film container for water, a pencil and sharpener, a sketchbook with some watercolor paper tucked in it, and I'm all set for most any occassion! I've also used a clean lid from things like fabric softner or an empty drink can for water. My camera and cell phone for photos help, too. But the drawing and painting fills time and my sketchbook. I also have all kinds of pens and such in my purse. Helps to entertain the young ones when they are with me, too!
One thing that I have used for a sketchbook is a clipboard that has a storage space in it. I keep various kinds of papers in that, along with pens, pencils, a ruler, sharpener, etc. I used that when I had to sit on duty when I was teaching and when I had to go to things like pep rallies. Works very well.
Just some things that I like to use, similar to your little set of watercolors and sketchbook.

no naked walls said...

I had to start reviewing comments on my blog too as I have started getting a lot of spam comments. Some are adverts for drugs and computer hardware but others are posted with weird statements that have nothing to do with my blog entries. I think your warning not to click on to any of them is very timely.
Always enjoy your posts.

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