Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This has been a nice way to spend the evening after dinner. My days have been busy lately, so evening has been the best time to paint. Tonight I finished one I started last night and did another. #3 plays with warm and cool colors. It is a good example of how the skin color can be pretty arbitrary and still "read" as a particular ethnicity. #4 has a fair amount of distortion as a way to vary an image. I am changing the brush I use each night. Last night I used a "cat's tongue" shaped brush. Tonight I used a filbert (a flat with a rounded top). It is an unusual shape for a watercolor brush but fairly common for oils and acrylics.

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Gary L. Everest Paintings said...

This is a fantastic painting! I've been cruising through your blog, frequently clicking on the, "you might also like..." images. When I saw this one I was stopped in my proverbial tracks.
I don't ever...well...hardly ever purchase art, but I've got to ask you if this one is for sale and if so, what is the price?
We move so often, having a lot of nice art work is just too much of a hassle and we'd hate to have it ruined.
Hope I get to meet you later this month.

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