Thursday, March 27, 2008


I like this bozzetto because it is looser and more in the spirit of color sketch exploration rather than a finished work. Why is it so difficult to relax and loosen up? I have been fussing over the others too much. I hope to stay in this less finished mode for the rest of the page.

I finally got the slide show together from the Tuesday Watercolor Beyond the Obvious class. I tried to get everyone's efforts recorded but I'm not sure if I missed someone. I foolishly didn't write down names, so I left that out. These photos do not do justice to the work but will give you an idea of the range and creativity. I was holding the camera over the paintings that were laying flat on the table. Some of the images are cut off, some are crooked, some have the shadow of my arm. With all these problems, I think you will still be excited about these wonderful paintings. Enjoy!


RHCarpenter said...

Myrna, thanks for sharing these fantastic paintings with us! I love seeing the original, traditional painting and then seeing how it's been abstracted and perked up with wild and strong color and design. Very very interesting!

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting these up Myrna, I wanted to get down to see the show but I missed it. I thought it was next week.


Cecelia said...

Those are really nice.
Personally, I find that if I work small, the longer I work, the tighter I get. If I start out drawing on a huge piece of paper, drawing with something like a full stick of compressed charcoal, I loosen up. If I start with a normal sized paper and a pencil, I just get tighter and tighter.
Certain types of music in the background can affect the way that people work, too.
Good luck in staying loose! 8>))
Hope that everyone goes out to draw something for the Worldwide Sketch Crawl on Saturday. See for more info. My sister, grandson, and I are participating here in Texas.

Mary said...

Myrna, thanks for sharing the slide show. Tuesday was my first opportunity to see a show for a WBTO class that I had not taken. It's a different and very enjoyable experience.

Also, I love your gentleman of color, especially you last, loose painting.

I wrestled my popcorn picture to the ground and will be sending it shortly.


Nava said...

Well, I am loving all your bozzettos so far - and it's very cool to see that you are getting bolder and looser as you go. The touches of green on this one are very effective.

Great slideshow - thanks! I see that I missed some great series (or however you say it in plural) on Monday and early Tuesday.

Mike said...

Hey Myrna! Just want to say "Thanks" for the great comments about the final days of Watercolor Beyond the Obvious. I also want to thank you for adding more recognition to the participants who comleted their series. I can never say enough good about the folks who voluntarily take the WBTO challenge. It is a big committment for ten weeks and ALWAYS yields amazing results for everyone who hangs in. I am soooo proud to be associated with these courageous and energetic artists. They make me incredibly proud!!!!

As usual, I am always pleased with the comments that come out of the class after the first few weeks of questioning, whining and wondering where it will take them. Somewhere in there, the breakthroughs show up and everyone gets excited . . . .then all heck breaks loose . . .and it seems like everyone is flying! I wish I could bottle it and let it loose in my own studio !! :-)


Myrna Wacknov said...

Everyone is trying to figure out how to bottle you! If we could only be so creative and productive on our bring out the best in all of us.

Mike said...

FYI . . .there is a blog made specifically for people who want to know something about Watercolor Beyond The Obvious. If you were to guess, the URL is someone might want to check it out.

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