Sunday, March 23, 2008


Finally, down to some serious painting. In preparation for my advanced watercolor portrait class, I have started my bozzetto sheet. The first session is about using color for people of color. This will be my example to give the class some ideas. It is always best to be able to illustrate one's words with visual examples. I find it easiest to use a half sheet of watercolor paper 22 x 15 and divide it into nine 7 x 5 inch sections. I found this wonderful very narrow masking tape to separate the sections. It worked well on the Tyvek, so I am anxious to see if it works equally well on the watercolor paper. This paper had been previously coated with diluted clear gesso but it was already sectioned off, so I didn't start with a new piece of paper. The class is going to work on 3 sections of diluted clear gesso, 3 of diluted matte medium and 3 sections of uncoated paper to get a better feel for how each medium affects the outcome.

The image I am working from has fabulous hair and lighting. I drew each 5 x 7 section with a mechanical pencil in a modified contour drawing style looking and drawing shapes. I did each drawing fairly quickly. I am not really concerned with likeness or traditional accuracy. I am looking to develop an interesting and compelling image that evokes some emotional response. These bozzettos are going to be color, value and composition studies. This is an opportunity to try different ideas. I will pick one when I am done and work it into a larger painting.


Nava said...

Looks like that's going to be a fun class! Brings memories of when I took it.

RHCarpenter said...

I am always drawn to skin tones in the darker, richer shades so I'll be looking forward to seeing this take shape. And what a nice photo to use :)

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