Friday, March 14, 2008


Here are the drawings and paintings sent to me so far. Notice how drawing improves each time it is redrawn. The old "practice, practice, practice" philosophy at work. The ink lines are so interesting when the paper is wet.

I am struggling with paper work but hope to get back to the paint and brushes this weekend. Here is the new challenge. It comes from the book I bought in the Denver airport. I thought this one looked like fun.

#1....Pop some popcorn.
#2....DON'T EAT IT ALL! Pick through it and select 2 popped kernels to draw. Now you can eat the rest.
#3...Select a format (piece of paper to draw on) They used a square but you can use a rectangle if you want to.
#4...Compose the 2 kernels within the format greatly enlarging the image. They used a dark grey paper and white charcoal pencil. You want to be sure and get the full range of values present in this image.
#5...Now here is the fun part. Look at your image from all directions and see what comes to seeing things in clouds. When you have decided what this image is, do a painting the exact same size as your drawing, in full color. The kernels have to be in the exact same position in the painting as in the drawing. You can add additional elements to complete the image if necessary. Example: One of the students saw flower heads in her popped corn so she needed to add stems and leaves to complete her painting.

Have fun with this idea. Get your family or friends involved after you do your first popcorn drawing and see what image they see in the kernals. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I wish I could show you what the kids came up with but I think I would need permission from the author, so you will have to do your own thing with just a verbal description of the project.

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