Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This is the week that the special event, "Bouquets to Art" is at the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Ever since I stumbled upon this spectacular happening, I have made it a point to go every year. Today I went with my friend, Andy, and wasn't disappointed! I have posted a few of the floral displays for everyone to marvel over. You can see them in more detail by clicking on the image. This is how this event works: Each year, the top floral designers and floral clubs are invited to participate by the Museum. The museum selects part of their collection (they choose different works of art each year) and then the floral designers pick which piece they would like to "interpret" The ones I have posted are the more obvious interpretations. Some of the designers just use the color of the piece or they may take a section of the painting to inspire them. Sometimes you can't figure out which painting the floral design goes to ! The designer must use real plant material and then they can incorporate other things as well. The DeYoung Museum has a wide range of art from very abstract to tribal, antiquities, etc. The imagination and craftsmanship that goes into these pieces is a wonder to behold. One of the paintings on my website "Cascading Tulips" was done from a photo I took at this event several years ago. I have stopped taking thousands of photos of the flowers each year and now concentrate on the crowd! Women dress up for this event and it is gratifying to me to see so many people at the museum. I was chasing this one woman around today who was wearing a pink floral hat with big organdy roses, slender body and platform boots! Her face was very interesting, almost a caricature. I finally got a shot of her although it is a little blurry. I can work with blurry. That's the advantage of drawing hundreds of faces. You can fill in the details .

I will post the next challenge on Friday. I am hoping to get mine done, at least started, as an example. I have been receiving some challenge drawings and paintings from the last challenge which I I will make into a slide show on Friday. Stay tuned!


Nava said...

Never heard of this event - it's so unique!!! The yellow turban slave is one of my favorite paintings (can't remember the name of the painter right now). And I am at awe by the waterfall bouquet!

Thank you so much for sharing this exhibit!!! I hope to go on Saturday.

RHCarpenter said...

How beautifully creative these florists are!! Thanks so much for sharing.

Cecelia said...

We have had something like this, for years, at the Benz Gallery, which is a part of the horticulture department at Texas A&M University. Members of the Art League take their paintings for display and students select pieces from the Gallery collection, along with floral arrangements to interpret and enhance the art work.
I was just amazed that someone picked ceramic pieces from Germany, ribbon, flowers, etc. to go with my expressionistic paintings.
It's always exciting to see what they will come up with.
I'm sure that the one that is in your area is much bigger, though.

Tracy Wandling said...

What a great idea!! Stunning! If you look in the links on my blog you'll see one called Ikebana - it is the site of a woman who does traditional Japanese floral arrangements. They are quite stunning, and I am going to learn a bit about it, because I want to do paintings of it. Beautiful stuff...thanks for giving us a peek!!

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