Thursday, July 26, 2012


50/50 #28
This was one of those backgrounds that I forgot to photograph.  It was collaged National Geographic page treated with Citrisolv which causes the ink on the page to move around and created interesting abstract patterning.  I have yet to find another high gloss magazine where the ink will dissolve in this way.  This technique was promoted by Robert Burridge.  I don't think he invented it but you never know.  Be sure and have good ventilation when doing this.  Even though Citrisolv has a pleasant odor, after a while it is overwhelming and nauseating.   I found this surface very pleasing to draw on top of.

I took all fifty tiles to Critique this morning.  We laid them out in the 7 x 7 formatted rows and then shuffled them around for the best balanced view.  The help was much appreciated.  

I had the unexpected honor of appearing in the latest issue of Palette Magazine and I am extremely complimented by the text of the article.  Sharing a page with Picasso is heady company, for sure!


Autumn Leaves said...

Hopefully not a scrooge, just careworn. I love the background colors, blue, green, white...interesting process with the Citrisolve too.

Boud said...

I did this technique decades ago in a great art studio course. So it was "invented" at least 40 years ago! and I remember how difficult it was to find a mag. whose ink would respond to any of my many attempts to dissolve and move it, but fun once I did manage it.

RH Carpenter said...

Interesting technique, using the bleeding ink from a high-gloss magazine. I would never have thought of that. Myrna, you are a champion!!

Jeff & Sharon Allred said...

Loved seeing you in the Palette Magazine! You are such an inspiration Myrna!

Meera Rao said...

wonderful texture! and how neat to share a page with Picasso, wow !

Joyfulartist said...

I, too, saw your work in the Palette. It's where all the creative types are, that's why you are there!

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