Monday, July 2, 2012


50/50  #11

50/50 (11)

I hated to draw on top of this paper as I liked it by itself, but I think worked out okay.  

I finished the backgrounds today of the last 5 boards.  I decided not to do some techniques that I have done before as I would have nothing to learn by doing them again.  I used crackle paste on one but so far, I don't see the crackle effect.  It may not be dried enough.  I love the look so I am hoping it will work.


Lisa Graham said...

Nice background...I love the colors you used.

Autumn Leaves said...

These are making such a strong statement individually. I can only imagine how magnificent they will all look as a grouping.

Bob and Kay's Adventures said...

Sometimes you have to go over the dry crackle paste with some stain, i.e. diluted watercolor paint, for the crackles to show.

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