Tuesday, July 31, 2012


50/50 #33

This is another image I failed to photograph the background before adding the drawing.  It's fairly easy to see the background, however.  These were collaged tissue papers commercially available, in the card section of the store.  I always check to see if there is anything new and interesting.  A hand printed pattern gives a very different look than a commercial one.  Some of the dress shops have printed tissue for wrapping your purchase.  If I like the pattern, I ask for extra tissue and they are always very obliging.  The pattern was so strong on this board that I needed to use acrylic white to bring out the highlights and a wash of cerulean blue around the image to set if off.  I often use gesso instead of white acrylic because it is more opaque.  In this case, I like that the acrylic white has some translucent qualities.  I love this pose and have used it in any number of pieces.

I finished the Blurb book today.  Unfortunately, there is no spell checker built into the program and I rely heavily on that wonderful tool.  I will wait for my husband to check it for me when he returns and then it is off to the printer.  When the installation is up in the Sanchez Art Center, I will take some photos and add them to the book but I want to print a copy first to  make sure it looks the way I intended.


Autumn Leaves said...

She sure is a beauty, Myrna. Love the blue background too.

Jane Ferguson said...

Love it Myrna

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