Saturday, July 14, 2012


50/50 #21
50/50 (21)

Today I was drawing on a few more of the tiles.  6 more, to be exact.  I started noticing how difficult it was to stay on task.  I had to force myself to do more.  This contrasted greatly with the feeling I had while doing the backgrounds where I didn't want to stop and ideas kept feeding on each other.  Do you every stop and really pay attention to the emotions that come up with each activity?  So, what was going on?  Perhaps the fact that working directly with ink is a little like walking on a tight wire without a net.  Mistakes stay.  Pressure,  A form of self-imposed stress.  On the other hand, the backgrounds were a form of play, exploration, discovery, nothing is really a mistake and everything is a learning experience.  I think we need both of these activities for mature work.  Maybe it would be good to alternate throughout the day.  I'll have to think about this idea.  It has implications for teaching, as well.  Perhaps breaking up the intense activities with a bit of splashing about.  


Autumn Leaves said...

Have to agree with your thoughts, Myrna. On this one, I love how the lines or crinkles of the papers in the background add to a sense of lines or wrinkles above the upper lip. Perfect placement.

Meera Rao said...

I think you nailed it - both your painting and the sentiments. There is finality when you you use ink to sketch - lot of pressure as well a sense of freedom and letting go and acceptance - imperfections and all ;)

Beach Cat ! said...

Oh my gosh, this is a beautiful technique. I love the way you describe the confusion between focus and play for your students.

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