Friday, October 7, 2011



I haven't done much painting this past month.  I have been focusing on framing.  I glued three watercolor paintings onto gallery canvas, using hand made collage paper to decorate the edge.  I failed to photograph the final result before taking it to be hung on the walls of a very elegant restaurant.  I was struggling with getting a perfect contact between the two surfaces.  I have concluded that 300 lb watercolor paper gives the best results.  

Anyway, today I had time to do a few paintings in my travel journal.  The stripped shirt adds a lot to the feel of the painting.  I will give more thought in the future to how I will "dress" my subjects.  You can always add a pattern to any garment.  I plan to fill the entire book with paintings based on my recent travel photos.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous blue eyes on this gentleman too. Love both pieces of him, Myrna. The counter directional stripes in the piece below are fabulous in, oddly enough, calming the eye's tendency to wander. I couldn't take my eyes from his shirt!

Sandra said...

Your portrait is amazing! You certainly capture the personality of your subject. I do like your suggestion in regards to pattern.

Joyfulartist said...

You must have some kind of protective finish on your painting to hang it without glass. Can you share what it is?

Myrna Wacknov said...

Thanks for your comments. Pattern is intriguing to me. I plan to play with it more.

The finish that I put on the canvas mounted watercolors is Satin Varnish by Liquitex. I have use a matt varnish in the past with disasterous results because they add white to the acrylic to make it matt and there was a milky white film that developed on the painting. I was able to remove it, fortunately. Gloss varnish is too shiny for me, Satin finish has some shine but acceptable.

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