Saturday, January 16, 2010


The giant eye is on a 5"x7" bozzetto.  I give workshop participants the option of doing some small practice pieces of facial parts and studies of color ideas before starting their first painting.  This is the demo of the structure of the eye I did showing some ways of introducing color into the area.  The other demo is an example of some interesting compositional ideas.  I like the composition, not very thrilled with the painting.  Worth doing again for a better outcome.  Tomorrow I should be able to make a slide show of the completed student paintings.


Unknown said...

wunderschöne Farbwahl, gefällt mir sehr gut.

Viele Grüße Werner

gill martin said...

the eye is fabulous, if i try anything like this i end up with a muddy mess - sigh -

Unknown said...

The details and texture you rendered in the "eye" painting are remarkable! I'll keep studying it ... very complex.

Kay said...

Wonderful colour in (around) the eye... what a great demonstration piece! Amother of those "I wish I had painted that" pieces!

I also particularly like the mystery created by the composition of the man in the hat.

Thanks for being such a dedicated and generous blogger!

payal kalra said...

dear Mam
the eye is absolutely captivating! is it reality inspired? does it belong to a living person or creativity of your imagination? :)

payal, India

Sunny said...

The eye is gorgeous. I am curious to know the colors that you used on the eye.

Veronica said...

The eye is incredible and portrays such depth of emotion. Beautiful.


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