Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today was the last day of the first workshop I am giving for Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society.  Two days off and then I start the second workshop.  I am honored that so many people wanted to take the workshop that they provided a second session.

On the last day we work on painting children.  Less is more is my mantra for painting children.  Here is the result of my demo today.


Unknown said...

A beautiful painting, Myrna. And, I'm not at all surprised that you're in such demand as a painting instructor. You're amazing!! Wish I lived in California so I could take your class as well :)

Mary Paquet said...

Myrna, thanks so much for the wonderful workshop. I learned a great deal from you, especially about ways to check what I've drawn and the mantra to draw what I see. I enjoyed experimenting with Tyvek and gessoed watercolor paper.

The Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society is blessed to have you as a member and we are delighted we could arrange a second workshop. Have fun!

Sunarti Sue said...

Hi Myrna...dats really a beautiful painting..i like..!

Nella said...

I definitely agree with less is more, which is why I can't seem to draw children. They always end up having these child-like eyes but look like they're 80 years old. eek!

awesome job, as always!

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