Sunday, January 24, 2010


I demonstrated how to put a texture into the gesso surface this morning.  I painted this image on the paper in the afternoon.  Everyone was working hard at finishing up their first painting after days of drawing!   Here is a slide show of the terrific results.  Notice the interesting compositions everyone came up with.

Answers to questions in yesterday's comments:  If you are interested in painting tissue paper for collage, the best information is found in the Creative Catalyst DVD by Carrie Burns Brown  "Water Media Collage Workshop".  Someone asked if I stretched my watercolor paper before painting.  Not any more! I am in too much of a hurry these days.  I flatten them out after I have finished and don't seem to have a problem.


Unknown said...

It's wonderful that you post a slide show of your students' work. It's neat to see how creative they are under your instruction. Wonderful job students and Myrna!

Cynthia said...

yes, thanks for the slide is fun to see what they come up with...some great composition there too......thanks for all your inspiration. When is your book coming out???? We need one!!

fheathermoore said...

Wow! These are amazing paintings by your students Myrna. What I really love is the colour on the faces. They're incredible! Well done to everybody!

Sandra Rowney said...

I was so interested to see all the work with tissue paper and watercolour. I'm working in the UK with tissue paper and acylic
I'm using acid free tissue that is sold for printmakers, painted under and over the tissue.

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