Thursday, January 14, 2010


Half way finished with this painting in my self portrait collage series.  I  based it on one of my Drawn to the Mirror images.  I start teaching a 5 day workshop tomorrow, rest for 2 days, then do a second 5 day workshop.  I don't know if I will have the energy to work on this after teaching all day, but I am anxious to see how it will look finished.  It is the largest head I have ever attempted.  I finally read my biography of Chuck Close, cover to cover.  I am feeling the influence of large scale heads.  It is fun to work this size.  I have it upright on an easel.  It helps to keep unintentional distortions from creeping in.

I heard about my crashed hard drive.  Good news...the disc was not damaged so they were able to retrieve everything, will put it on a new hard drive and send it back to me.  Bad news....say goodbye to $1500.  I hope all of you are backing your photos up to dvds.  They don't crash!

The American Watercolor Society has posted the names of those who will be in the 2010 show on their website.  Darn, didn't make the cut.  When over 1200 artists submit their very best work it is hard to be one of the 100 who get in.  Something to keep striving for.

Did you notice the insane traffic on this blog this past week?  I was getting over 13,000 hits a day. Seems like the "next blog..." button got stuck for 4 days and a blog by Santana and mine were the only two blogs that came up!  Things are back to normal now but it was a fun ride.  Like winning the blogger lottery!  I sometimes think of the internet like the cosmos.  So many countless specks of light out there.  For four days, all those specks found me...what are the odds of that?


Anonymous said...

Hi Myrna,
I saw your blog stats; WOW! 97 in a day! You had me thinking...what kind of poll can I do on my blog! Funny.

But, what I really like is this image! Speaking of coming up with creative images! What will YOU come up with next? It's stunning. Have fun with it!

Anonymous said...

DVDs may not be reliable over to have several copies of your data on DVDs, external hard drives etc. Also, having a copy off-site may also be a good idea.

I enjoy your blog by the way. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Hi Myrna - this latest painting looks interesting already! Chuck Close's work is amazing but I've only seen his use one approach. I haven't seen his book, so maybe his newer work has changed. Nevertheless, his work is inspiring! Good news about your computer :)

Mary Sonya conti said...

Love the visual texture of this one Myrna. Ah the way of the nether world with your "stuck" button. Now all those who hadn't found you have the tools in place to follow you daily. Did you increase in blog followers? Certainly hope so.

ZenSue's MindSpace said...

Lol. Congratulations on the stuck "next blog" button! That has got to be better than getting a spot on that 100 slot. Thirteen thousand hits! That is not an accident.

fheathermoore said...

Bloody hell! That's a mind blowing number of visits! I get about 30 a day lol. What's your secret?

As for the painting, it is incredible. I have to create 5 collages for Monday and one of them is to be similar to what you have going on here, whereby the image is kind of sunken into the background behind lots of transparent materials. Excavation they are calling it. I'd be overjoyed if it came out a fraction as good as yours, but I know it won't! Hah!

David L. Bayard said...

Dear Myrna,
This recent portrait is entrancingly beautlful,inspiring.
A bit haunting.
I`m a nurse. An old nurse.
Today...focus your awesome energy
Your portraits make my day.
thanks, david

David L. Bayard said...

Dear Myrna,
This recent portrait is entrancingly beautlful,inspiring.
A bit haunting.
I`m a nurse. An old nurse.
Today...focus your awesome energy
Your portraits make my day.
thanks, david

RH Carpenter said...

I like this image too, very much...interesting, lots of visual bits of light to dance around...a rather stern look to the lady, but that's okay (perhaps I've said something wrong and she's chastising me?). Good luck on the workshop! Sorry about the watercolor society and accepting you this year - there is always next year and you are one who will keep trying and getting in because your work should be one of the top 100 :) What a trick to get more lookers - how do I stick that next blog button? ha ha

Noel Gravelle said...

I was one of the many who kept going back and forth between your blog and santanas!! Haha.

Just wanted to say that this painting looks amazing! I love how it's sort of 3 dementional and looks like there are so many layers. Big fan.

Joyfulartist said...

I love it that your blog was "hit" so many times. I hope they stayed long enough to enjoy your fantastic talent.

Kass said...

The stuck 'next' button was how I found you. Decided to follow you, but not Santana. Love your work.

Sheila said...

Looking good!

Magdalena said...

The eyes are very intense. They remind me of the movie poster of
I'am looking forward to your portrait
class. I am getting ready for the 2nd one.

Ally said...

Wow your work is just amazing...i'm sure you have so many hits because you are so talented and not by any accident... since i found your blog i have been a regular visitor because you inspire me to try and be creative every day and hopefully get better with practice... keep up the great work and great blog... :)
i hope your workshops go well...I'm so jealous I can't come to one *laughs* have fun!!

Nella said...

I'm glad the "next" button got stuck, because that's how I found your awesome blog! Keep up the awesome work! :)

Erzullie said...

another great painting! ^^

Glen said...

Admire the latest image: the concept of a self portrait merged with the quilt pattern shows a multi-interpretational theme.

As far as Chuck Close: his full oeuvre intimidates me. Who wrote the biography you have read?

As far as your comment regarding DVDs: you might consider as well. They enable backups of art, photos, scans, for a nominal fee—if you opt for the paid membership idea.


Myrna Wacknov said...

Hi Peggy, polls are fun. Give it a try!

Anonymous, thanks for the tips. Your ideas are helpful.

Kathy, Chuck Close did a number of different things but they all revolved around the idea of a grid. Quilts are designed around a grid and resonate with me.

Thanks Mary Sonya, for commenting. My followers went from 460 to 1,460!

Susan, I was thinking along the same lines.

Heather, I hope you post your collages. I would like to see them.

Thanks, David. Your comment made my day!

Rhonda, I hope the next stuck button lands on your blog. Thanks for all the kind comments and encouragement.

Hi College Student, thanks for sticking around and joining in the fun.

Joyful, you say the nicest things!

Welcome, Kass. Thanks for following along.

Thank you , Sheila. I appreciate the comment.

Magdalena, I hadn't thought of it, but it does look like the Clockwork Orange! Looking forward to working with you next week.

Ally, thanks for the nice words. Happy you check in each time.

Miss Murasaki, I'm glad you found me. Welcome!

Hi R! (what does R stand for?) I appreciate your compliment.

Glen, thanks for the comments and suggestions. The Chuck Close book was written by Martin Friedman. He was the curator for the Walker Museum in Minneapolis, MN and purchased for the museum, the first painting Chuck Close ever sold....the Big Self Portrait...the one that started it all.

fheathermoore said...

Thanks Myrna. I posted a collage yesterday and today. Please feel free to check them out!

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