Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Here is the demo painting that I did this morning for Allied Artists West, a group of very talented and accomplished women artists. It can be intimidating to work in front of a group like this, but it went well and everyone was very gracious. I enjoyed it very much and have fun when I do these type of events. Jane Ferguson was very kind to photograph the progress of the painting and she sent them to me, so I have made a slide show. I think you can see how I draw with the "oiler boiler" from Cheap Joe's to establish my image. I just draw directly and what ever happens, c'est la vie! This sequence was done in an hour. Because the paint will run uncontrollably, I am working flat the whole time. After I got the painting home, I set it up and looked at it. There are a number of small adjustments I am planning to do before it gets stored away. I was thinking of doing that this evening after I finish this post, but I need to get another boost of energy!

I always try to share a lot with the group I am demonstrating for and they often share in return. Today I learned that Tap Plastic has the "oiler-boiler" bottles with the thin needle. Wow, that was fabulous information! Of course, they don't call it that cutsie name. I headed straight for the plastic store on my way home and got 8 more bottles. Now I can load them up with all kinds of colors ready to go.

I want to put some white lines in this painting. I went all over looking for white ink to no avail. I did get some scrapbooking gel pens that make a nice fine white line, but I would like to be able to use dip pens and sticks, etc. If anyone knows of a source, please let me know.

I almost forgot....I wore two of my orphaned earrings today. They were an interesting mismatch but fun!


Owen said...

He's marvellous. And what a fun way to paint. Brings back those finger paint days only a great deal more skill and technique is obvious in what you are doing :)

Brenda Yarborough said...

I wish you lived closer to me. . . I'd LOVE to attend one of your workshops!! Another incredible portrait on tyvek -- wow oh wow!! Btw, orphan earrings work well as hat pins/decor.

Terri Hill said...

The demo was fab. I learned so much. Even from your opening comment, "From your lips to God's ears"...what a great statement! I will be purchasing Dr. Martin's hydrus series to try as well as the oiler-boiler bottles from Tap. I am going to be implementing your suggestion to trace the lines from the photo, but then re-draw for the real painting. GREAT idea, especially for a slow drawer like me.

But the BIGGEST lesson was in being around your incredible energy. When I arrived to my painting group an hour later, they noticed the difference in my carriage! They said I had that energetic 'take charge' essence.

I am still energized this morning!

--terri hill

Myrna said...

Brenda, if you know of an art association in your area that sponsors workshops, perhaps you could tell them about me. Regarding the orphan earrings, I don't wear hats but perhaps I could make a charm bracelet out of them!

BMoon said...

The painting is even better, by far, than the original pic! So expressive. Beautiful.

peachtreeart said...


Anonymous said...

I'm am avid reader of your blog. Really inspiring stuff. White ink - Daler Rowney FW Acrylic Ink is quite opaque.


Trish said...

Do you always use the Dr martin Hydrus watercolors? or just for Tyvek? Is the Tyvek similar to Yupo paper? I really like the finished painting. How long did this whole process take?

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