Thursday, November 13, 2008


Here are my efforts for the day. The every day matters challenge #4 (A Mug) Is fair. I used my brush pen set (the one that isn't light fast) to color it in. Those darn circles and ellipses are a bear to draw! I am thinking maybe there is a trick or technique to it. I need to research this question. I was so tempted to use a template to draw the circle but thought better of it. I actually got rid of all the odd mugs when we redid the kitchen but kept two English Porcelain mugs from our trip to London as a keepsake from a great vacation. The other two sketches are my first attempt in a long time at sketching from life. The guy with the newspaper was motionless for a loooooooong time until I started to draw him and then he moved his arm right when I was going to do that part. So, I made it up and it looks it. I captured the paintings on the wall, well, but of course they weren't moving and they were ridiculously simplistic and vapid. The second little sketch painting was done while I was gallery sitting. I used a pen on the desk. I tested it for permanence and it appeared to pass but then bled when I painted over it. At least my subject wasn't going to move on me. I can see I have lots to learn about this live sketching thing before I will be very happy with the results. I think I want to find a very very fine point pen with sanguine ink instead of black. I shall persevere.

Regarding where I found the little watercolor set: It came empty with spaces for 12 colors. I bought it at Accent Arts in Palo Alto for $15. I don't remember if it had a brand name label on it.


Speck said...

>"...a very very fine point pen with sanguine ink instead of black."

Try a Sakura Pigma Micron 005 (.20 mm) with "brown" ink. The ink is actually a coppery reddish-brown color. has them for $1.84 USD.

I'm in love with the 005s. They make such marvelously tiny lines. Any other pen feels like a Marks-A-Lot in comparison.

Glitz Ink said...

all of your pages are so lovely!!! and you mentioned wanting a fine point sanguine pen...have you tried the pitt pen? they have a sanguine pack and a sepia pack, both with a superfine point, a fine point, a medium point, and a brush tip.. i bought them, but haven't had much of a chance to use them yet.

jane Ferguson said...

I found the video very reasuring and a motivator for me to keep going on my creative path Thanks Myrna

Amy Sullivan said...

~Really very lively "sketch paintings"~ Very nice~

I love pen & ink w/ watercolor~
it makes everyday sketching something special~

I have an award waiting for you at my bloggy~

Owen said...

In the most positive way possible this video just kicked me in the rear end big time. Oh, it was a very big kick. The serendipitous beauty of being an EDM member. I am so grateful I didn't miss this.

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