Sunday, November 2, 2008


This was so much fun to paint! I think I can be a cartoonist. Every time I draw this face from my drawings rather than from the photo, it gets looser and looser. Stylizing it this way releases me to use more inventive color. I learned a lot from my first effort on this new paper. I think I kept the color fresher and was able to control the application much better this second time around with the Stonehenge Paper. I used all flat brushes on this painting. The angled edges of the shapes made the flats a good choice plus I can control the amount of water on the paper better with a flat. I decided to make the left side cool this time and I like the sense of light on the face. Although this is very exaggerated, I like the emphasis on the two different sized eyes, his interesting nose and his long creased face. As a thank you for lending me his face, I gave him back his youthful dark hair and eyebrows. It's only fair.

Tomorrow I am going to do a collage painting. I read the directions in the new Daniel Smith Winter Sale Catalog.

November is Paint everyday month. I think the goal is to post everyday as well. I am off to a good start so I will set this for my goal. Thirty shape paintings? I will throw in some other stuff. I am in awe of the Urban Sketcher blog. I am going to try my hand again at fast sketching on sight.


Lisa Reed said...

Oh my goodness...I am totally enjoying your blog. What a journey you are on! Awesome---thanks for letting me tag along!

Myrna said...

Happy to have you tag along but would love to have you join in. Grab a pen or brush and give it a try!

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