Friday, November 28, 2008


I want to keep my commitment to post every day in November. Just a few more days to go! This is as close as I have come to drawing anything I will be eating (which is the next EDM challenge) We went for a late breakfast at Brent's. This is a great place, the next best thing to a true New York Deli experience. Food like grandma used to make and ridiculous portions. If you look closely you can see my grandson's elbows straight and my son's to the right. I had them pose for me. I was doing pretty good until I tackled the pitchers of syrup and then it all went south!

Hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving meal and get together with family and or friends.


Mary said...

Myrna, these quick sketches are so charming. The addition of family limbs is perfect. They are charming because of the gusto with which they are done and their lack of pure perfection.
Congratulations on being true to EDM with everything else you have to juggle.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving and hope that yours was special as well.


Mike said...

You picked a difficult season to tackle this project, Myrna. But then the challenge is what it is really about, right?

You may not know it, but you are probably creating art right now that will be priceless to your family. This habit you are building and the result of it will make for hours of fun generations from now. DO NOT STOP THIS. I am near taking it up myself!

You really ARE the best!

jane Ferguson said...

Thanks for sharing as always Myrna.I loved the little pitchers of syrup they have character !!!

Mary Crowell said...

you are committed and doing what you said you would, a wonderful trait!! we also had a wonderful thanksgiving!! and I have been reading my art mags this morning, am getting closer to committing, You are such an inspiration!

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Myrna, Funny; I'm reading the comments here and realize I'm not the only one considering taking up the "Every Day Matters Challenge". Your work and commitment is inspiring. And, drawing everyday must be good!

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