Monday, November 17, 2008


Today was a day for drawing. I ran over to Aaron Bros. and picked up some very fine lined pens (.005) They really made all the difference. I managed to draw a jar and a piece of jewelry which was # 7 and #8 in the Everyday Matters challenges. I decided to immortalize my "orphaned" earrings. I am missing the mate to each of these earrings but I can't let go of them. I keep thinking maybe the awol one will turn up in a pocket somewhere or under a chair cushion, etc. They're small and don't take up a lot of space, so I will continue to hope. One of the earrings is a real sable paint brush hand made by an artist. I think I can talk him into making me a single one to match.

I am trying different strategies for drawing more accurately and I feel like I am making progress. Love the new pens! I also spent a few hours working on samples for the February workshop in San Diego. Everything is coming together.


Nava said...

Well, whatever happened to asymmetry? You can wear different earrings and make it a trend (I did, years ago).

Sandy Maudlin said...

WHat a great way to 'save' those orphaned earrings. VERY COOL.

mary Crowell said...

maybe the orphaned earrings could be hung somewhere? the wire lampshade? I have the same problem!! and in cleaning my car a few days ago, I found the mate to one I've had for over 35 years and was lamenting the lost soul and voila, found it in the slides of the seat.

love what you do everyday!

jane Ferguson said...

I am with Nava on this one I do it all the time.I have been known to wear 4 different earings at one time.Great Drawings !!

RHCarpenter said...

Great drawings, Myrna. I used to wear different earrings, too, but no more. Now I take the lonely ones without mates and take them apart, gluing pieces to cards - send them to a friend :)

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