Sunday, November 9, 2008


I decided to draw with a sanguine pen today. Got to mix things up! I found each time I drew his face it became increasingly strange. I am letting go of the photos more and more....creating lines where I want them based loosely on his. I could do this all day long and get years of workable images but I am close to moving on. I simplified one of the faces and really liked what happened, so I spent some time making a few value patterns for this one. I will create some additional simplified faces from this group of distortions and then work up lots of value patterns. Once I have this motherlode of material, I can do all kinds of color, texture, pattern and line ideas quickly.

I am saving my value sketches for another post in case I have a day I don't get any art done. I want to fulfill my pledge to post everyday for the month of November. So far I am on track.

I received an e-mail today from Connie Michael telling me about a great website for creativity. I watched a u-tube video of cutting a rubber block for printing. I already have all the materials, just haven't ever done it. Now I can visualize a Frenchman image in this process. I need to go back to this site and see what else I can find. Connie has started her blog back up, so check it out and give her some encouragement.

Tomorrow night I will be doing a demo for FALC (Fine Arts League of Cupertino). It should be fun. I am taking a break from the Frenchman and will go through my photos and find a new face to do. If anyone needs additional information, go to the FALC website or send me an e-mail.


Nava said...

Interesting how you are gradually going for a more graphic look and linear lines with this monsieur's face.
Would be fun to torture the face one of my unsuspecting subjects like that :-)

Anonymous said...

Looking good Myrna ,hope to see you tonight.JaneF.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

These are really fantastic. I want to try this excecise now.

Connie Michael said...

YIKES! Now I'd better get busy and keep it up. Thanks for the encouragement, Myrna.

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