Monday, October 13, 2008


I have made a slide show of the first paintings from the workshop. Some are completed, others are on their way. Everyone is pushing themselves outside their confort zone and are having great success! Tomorrow we start on the profile view painting. We cover tons of material and work fast. I worked on the portrait of Jerry. I shortened the beard and strengthened the color. I struggled with the right eye area. Not sure if it is resolved but I need to move on right now.

I have a bunch of started demos. Next month I think I will take them all out and finish them up.


Magster said...

Awesome group you have there! Your portrait of your spouse is great, also. I have Tyvek that I got from you but I have repurposed the Tyvek envelope that .our home refinancing papers came in for a painting. Will let you know what the outcome is... Maggie

mary Crowell said...

wow, you are really shaking, thanks for the heads up about mike's open studio, I will try to make it this coming weekend, even with a patch from cataract surgery, I want to go!! hope I can drive by sat. I wonder why I am not on his email list to know about these things? have a successful week ahead.

Pooja Menon said...

Amazing work there! Very beautiful..

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