Monday, October 6, 2008


Today was the first session of the portrait workshop in the Oakland Hills. What a beautiful area up on the crest of the mountain. Lush, wooded, secluded, exquisite homes and lots of confusing streets. I know, I tried them all out looking for the workshop. We had a great day. This is a group of women who paint together and set up their own workshops. I feel honored they wanted to work with me.

The image is Morris Ellis. I used to use him for the first image in the workshop. I have done five different versions of Morrie, so he is now retired. This was version 5 and I really got carried away with the brim of the hat. I just realized I never photographed the other versions. This week I am using an image of my husband. It is in the drawing stage. I will post the painting when it is done.

These are long days but oh so fun.

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David Lobenberg said...

The brim kicks ass, and I like the way his face goes into soft focus.

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