Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am back to working on my variations of the Frenchman. I didn't have time to explore shape this month so I am going to continue with Shape as a dominant element for November. I have written down different ideas for modifying shape and this is one I have wanted to try for awhile. The first photo shows how I created a grid to elongate the image and then drew it freehand after I saw how the shapes changed. Then I drew it with my oiler-boiler onto the paper. It becomes more exaggerated every time I draw him!

This is the paper I won from the self-portrait competition. I was anxious to try straight watercolor on it. The name of the paper is Stonehenge. I think it is mainly a paper used for printing but does accept watercolor. It has a hot press finish and it seems like each brushstroke shows. I tried mingling color in a wet wash but that technique wasn't great on this paper. I think glazing works better. If I work with this paper I think I will get better at a la prima technique where I need to be more decisive and purposeful with each brushstroke. This paper will also be great for collage and stamping. I can always coat it with Gesso or Matte Medium, too.

I think the image is fun, a little unusual in the color department. Part of it became too neutralized. I am hoping to try it again tomorrow.


Nava said...

This is so absolutely cool! And the color scheme is so refreshingly different.

You can title it "Why the long face?".

Anonymous said...

this is so beautiful and has crisp clarity feel to it. Is there a challenge for November or shall we continue with the Frenchman?

Myrna said...

I'm going to work on SHAPE as dominant element for November. I will post some of my ideas but there are many more to play with.

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