Friday, October 17, 2008


We had the most beautiful drive from Portland, Oregon to Ocean Shores, Washington, this afternoon. The trees are turning so we had a fall foliage tour. Not much fall color in our neighborhood in California so I was thrilled.

The staff at The Polynesian Resort is so friendly and are bending over backwards to accommodate the workshop. We have a huge conference room to work in and everyone will get their own table...unheard of! Our private accommodation has the most incredible view with the ocean off a little in the distance. I have posted a photo I took from the balcony.

I often have groups fill out an evaluation sheet after my workshops to help me fine tune it. I am receiving so many nice comments from some of the participants in the Oakland group so I thought I would share one here. Not having any formal training as a teacher, I especially appreciate feedback from those who do.

" We are a very special group, who have come to love and support each other, and cherish our differences, but this can be challenging for a teacher. I am a retired educator and psychotherapist, and I know both good teaching, and good handling of people. You are tops, as well as fun. Keep it up!"


Dawn said...

welcome to Washington Myrna! I hope you get better weather before you leave.

Maggie Metcalf said...

Those of us who've been in your workshops know that you're a natural born teacher. Even in casual settings you tend to share ideas in a relaxed, generous fashion.
OK, so when are you going to paint that landscape?

Mary said...

Myrna, your location for you workshop sounds just terrific. What a pleasure when you are working.

The feedback from a teacher is absolutely to be cherished. I would expect nothing less. You are so special. I can't wait to attend a workshop!

Mary Paquet

Myrna said...

What landscape? You mean the view from our balcony? I just enjoy nature, I don't paint it!

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