Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is the demonstration I did for our second view of the head in the workshop: The Profile. I think this may be the fastest painting of this size (18 x 24) I can remember doing. I would have worked on it longer but it seemed complete to me. It's soooo hard to quit while you are ahead (no pun intended there). The tendency is to fuss and fuss with it. I am finding less is more. More and more of the time. I drew this very quickly with my oiler-boiler filled with diluted thalo blue the night before and painted it in 20 minutes on Thursday morning to start out the class day. It is on gessoed paper using traditional watercolors. I just love the texture that shows up when the paper has gesso on it.

Here is the student profile slide show. ENJOY!

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Nava said...

You were right to stop - it's a wonderful piece!

I still have on my studio wall that profile painting I did while taking your watercolor class, the one you forbade me to overwork as a personal challenge to myself. I should try to do that more often.

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