Sunday, September 21, 2008


The challenge for the coming week is to create a painting of THE FRENCHMAN using LINE AS A DOMINANT ELEMENT WITH THE EMPHASIS ON A COLORFUL LINE. This version of Vern has colorful line work done with torn paper. It's one of my favorites but, unfortunately, I didn't realize the paper (cheap colored tissue) will fade! Now I paint my own colored papers with light fast acrylic paint. I guess I should have a giclee made of this painting to preserve the image. Live and learn.

I am providing some additional examples of other artists who have done some fabulous work with colored line. These examples are to stimulate your thinking and come up with your own ideas. Wayne Thiebaud is the first artist that comes to mind with a shimmering color halo around his objects. Van Gogh's work can be considered texture and colored line.

I'm itching to get started!


sunny said...

Thanks for these wonderful examples. I am a visual learner. So, seeing the works of different artists' interpretation of color lines is very helpful for me. I cannot wait to get started.

Nava said...

I love to be reminded of your Vern series - it really knocked us all down when you did it two(?) years ago. W'all can now say we knew you when :-)

The painting of the Aboriginal man is truly breathtaking, as is the one by Kathy Mitchell!

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