Friday, September 19, 2008


Well, I guess the country was going to the dogs this week, but I was having a great time in Donna Zagotta's workshop sponsored by the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society (SCVWS) Above are the 3 paintings I completed this week. The focus was on designing the rectangle with simplified shapes and creating value patterns. Each one of these is a different value pattern. This is her fourth workshop for SCVWS as everyone gets so much out of it and wants more, more, more! She designed this workshop to be more advanced and included an evaluation sheet for how to determine your direction and how to create a focused approach to moving to the next level, plus individual consultations. It was intense.

We also had a lot of fun and Thursday night went to Stanford University to see a Diebenkorn exhibit. They also had a traveling exhibit "Saved from the Storm" from the New Orleans museum collection. I have created a small slide show of some of the week's activities. Notice the Duane Hansen sculpture of a workman leaning against the wall. It is rather unnerving, to say the least, but we had a lot of fun checking him out. There was another Duane Hansen sculpture in Kansas City dressed as a Museum Guard. What I am noticing about both of these scupltures is how dusty they are getting. It must be difficult to keep them pristine.

Tomorrow I will post the slide show for FRENCHMAN: LINE AS TEXTURE.
Here is the slide show from my photos. I didn't take that many. If you attended the workshop and have additional photos you would like to add to the slide show, you can do so from your computer! I will get a message letting me know and to give my approval.


Nava said...

Great mood in this painting - and what a fun after-workshop outing. You must be a bit tired after such 5 intensive days :-)

Cecelia said...

What a wonderful week! In our area, we had Hurricane Ike to contend with. We didn't have so much damage here, but I was plenty scared as it headed for us, inland. Counties around us have been without electricity, just like the coast, and there was some damage. Lots of evacuees here. I used to live in Galveston, and have friends in that area, a sister further south on the coast, who came here to evacuate. I've been glued to the tv for news. And had such a headache, I'm sure from stress (or ragweed LOL). Things are getting better for most, but so many have lost everything. And so little on the national news.
I'm glad you shared your wonderful week with us!

Anonymous said...

the second painting is my favorite, great colours.
I had a good time at the workshop with you, see you next month.

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

What interesting paintings! It's neat to see what you get out of the same pose. Always fun to see what you're doing.

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