Saturday, September 13, 2008


I'm not sure this really qualifies as "line" but it certainly is TEXTURE! The stamp I used was web-like lines, so I started out to do physical texture using line. I took an unsuccessful painting I started in a workshop (140lb watercolor paper) and covered it with my new Utrech Gesso. It was like icing a cake! The consistency is like buttercream frosting. It can be thinned down to whatever consistency you want, so it is very economical. I stamped into the wet gesso and then let it dry. Actually, that is as far as I got yesterday. Today I took my time and drew the image with my #4 Lizard's Lick Cheap Joe brush using diluted Cobalt Blue Hydrus liquid watercolor. I kept the board upright so I wouldn't get a distortion. The gesso surface makes lifting and correcting very easy. I then used Hansa Yellow Deep (yellow orange), Permanent Red and the Cobalt. Mixing Cobalt with the Red creates a very dark color close to black! I also drew into the image with my oiler boilers using diluted Magenta and Thalo Blue.

This feel more like me. I like the looseness and texture, lots of color but less abstract.


Sweetwater Designs said...

I love this..the push of color and the use of blue and red. He looks like an interesting gentleman with a story to tell.

Kari Gibson said...

Oh, I love the texture - it is great fun to see you work this image in so many different ways. So far, this one is my favourite, although they are all fabulous of course!

Sandy said...

I came here from Sandy Maudlin's blog and wow, another wonderful artist. I'll be back to see more!

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