Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Today I worked on the first painting for a while. It needs a few finishing touches so I will post the results tomorrow. In the meantime, I was scheduled to do a demonstration for the Burlingame Art Society to night so I thought I would continue with our Frenchman and keep line as the dominant element. Here is the result. This is more high key than I usually paint but I like the effect. I used the oiler boiler with diluted thalo blue to draw with and then to draw into wet paint. I think I kept to the five pigment limit: Yellow Orange, Alizarin Crimson, Sap Green, Ultramarine Blue and Cad Red Light. I guess the Thalo makes 6. OOPS! I broke my own rule. I should have lowered the image. It is going to be difficult to get this under a mat without cutting too much off the top. I did have fun doing this painting and it was a great bunch of people.

Today I received my first contribution for the challenge. I am hoping to see more work so I can create a nice slide show for Friday's blog. Keep those paint brushes wet!


Elflling said...

I felt so bad when reading this post on Thursday morning since if I have saw it yesterday I would have gong to Burlingame to watch the demo... I just arrived in Santa Clara and started the new job, and I am dying to watch your demo or take a workshop from you!... I hope there would be other chances in the future... Is there anywhere I can find out your demo schedules? (I know you have workshop schedules on your webpage but it does not contain the smaller demos you are doing for local art organizations...)

Anyway, I am very excited since I will see your painting in the upcoming SVWS member show. And congratuations on the self-portrait prize painting. I saw it in this month's American Artist magazine. It is such a wonderful, lively work!

David Lobenberg said...

Love it. Expressive in line, color, and paint strokes.

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