Monday, September 8, 2008


Staying with LINE as the dominant element, use it as texture! Keep colors to maximum 5 tubes, your choice. Texture can be either visual or tactile. In some cases, both. Think of Van Gogh who used repeated lines to create visual texture but his paint was thick so it was also tactile.

Visual texture can be linear patterns that read as texture. Check out Ann Bagby ( I have posted one of her paintings but her website is full of incredible examples) She uses stamps to create the patterns. Here's my interpretation of pattern as texture:

I have posted some of my paintings and few from my "clip files" of other artists to give you some ideas.

The Vern painting was done with different striated combs into wet thick gesso. The Bone painting was aluminum foil collaged onto the watercolor paper after I created linear patterns with a stylus.

Notice with all these examples how the LINE grabs your attention and dominates.

I hope these examples gets your creative juices flowing!


sunny said...

Thanks for those great examples. I will try on my next painting.

Sandy said...

Wow, this is great.

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