Saturday, November 3, 2007


I haven't been able to load images onto my blog for 2 days so I decided to do a slide show! You can click on an image to see it better.

I had fun painting this little 9' x 12" painting. I like how the Elegant Writer red pen looks and I really like the odd perspective of the figures. I am not too happy with the way the grid is worked into the painting. I think I need to paint each area in a flat style rather than try and model the shapes. I also grayed too many areas. I didn't plan a value pattern and it shows. Sorry Mike! I am ready to try a larger version. My goal is to keep more of the colors fresher and better integrate the grid with the image.

I am looking through my photos for an exciting image for my demo on Sunday for the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society meeting. I will do some practice drawings but not a preliminary painting. It adds to the excitement to be "winging it"! The hard part is to complete a portrait in about an hour. So many great painters will be there. It's a good thing I don't get nervous.

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Nava said...

"I am not too happy with the way the grid is worked into the painting"

I actually think the way the grid follows the form in some areas while being arbitrary in others, adds interest. Love the color scheme!

OK, you convinced me - I'm on.

See you tomorrow!!

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