Saturday, November 24, 2007


Yes, it is Saturday, but I will still call it the Friday Challenge. I have been thinking about the 24 hour drawing and think I want to build up to that, so I figured I could work on a drawing for an hour a day and since I may miss a day or two I am making it a 5 hour drawing. The hour can be broken up into smaller segments throughout the day. It will be relaxing to sit and make marks. I need to go through some of my European crumbling walls and tiled roof photos for some complex, detail riddled image to obsess over. It should be fun! Anyone else want to try? I have posted some pen and ink drawings I did this summer in France to give you some ideas. It didn't take me nearly 5 hours, but you get the idea. Any subject is fine, but it needs to be something that has enough detail to spend a lot of time on it.

This has been one of the most exhausting weeks that I can remember. The studio was so trashed, I couldn't work out there and couldn't find anything, so I bit the bullet and spent three days going through everything and throwing stuff out, giving stuff away, rearranging all my books and supplies and now I am excited to get in there and really do some work! I was able to give Ronald McDonald House tons of craft supplies and took some art books and magazines to my students today so everything has a happy new home. After the big clean up it was on to cooking for Thanksgiving and then spending time with my visiting children and my grandson home from college on Friday. After teaching all day today, I am ready to retire early and start painting tomorrow!


Nava said...

"So, what did I learn from Van Gogh? . . . I also learned I don't want to make little marks over and over".

That's what you said following your Van-Gogh-like painting. Looking forward to see your 5-hour drawing. :-)

Nava said...

GREAT drawings, by the way!! I especially love the movement in the hills and fields.

Myrna Wacknov said...

You must be part of my family, Nava! They expect me to be logical and consistent, too. That's left brain thinking and I live on the right side. Actually, what I meant was I don't want to PAINT little marks over and over. Drawing is another matter. It is a challenge for me to work in a slow controlled manner. It is good to alternate one drawing fast and gestural, then the next drawing slow and carefully observed and then back again to fast. Artistic cross-training!

Nava said...

I see your point - drawing is indeed different than pointing. I shall join your cross-training, then, even if it kills me.

By the Way, The JohnnyB would get into a fit of laughter if you told him I live on the left side of the brain... logical and consistent - me!? :-)

RHCarpenter said...

I think I can commit to the 5-hour drawing challenge but that 24-hour thing was NOT working out for me - my own fault because I started painting instead of drawing and was doing abstracted work was horrid! So on to 5-hours of compulsive drawing :)

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