Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Yesterday, I started a full sheet painting by drawing with a stick using Hydrus Liquid Watercolor in Cad. Red. Drawing directly onto the paper without any guidelines except your sketches presents the problem that we see here! Placement and judging scale etc. The first figure on the left was so large that I only had room to put one other figure. Interesting composition but not what I originally intended. The paper absorbed the color so it didn't bleed much at all. It was difficult to draw smoothly on the watercolor paper. I decided to set this painting aside for the moment and start another on Tygerag. The stick slid over the smooth surface and was much easier to draw with. The paint bleeds out if it is still wet but seems to be rather permanent when dry. I decided to put in the grid first on the Tygerag painting and it helped with the placement of the figures. I had better luck getting all three onto the page. I was using photos where I had reduced the values to 3 - white, black and grey. This gave me interesting shapes to work with and simplified my choices. I am utilizing shapes created where the drawing and the grid overlap. I hope to go into more color tonight after I post. I will get back to the 2 figure painting after I finish this one.

I am hearing through the grapevine that some of you are confused about the grid ...what it is and how to utilize it. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or clarification. Chapter 5 in the Kaupelis Experimental Drawing book has some fabulous examples of original work based on distorting a grid. Hopefully, you can find this book in the library or borrow from someone if you don't have your own copy and get some exciting ideas.

Tygerag synthetic paper is a favorite surface of mine. When I first started using it, almost every catalogue carried it. Now, it has disappeared from the market. I was able to track down a company today that carries all kinds of Tyvek paper by Monsanto. They are sending me a packet of samples so I will be sure to order the right product. The problem is it comes in 60 ft. rolls but you don't need a minimum order or have a wholesale number to order from them. Interested artists can share a roll. It works out about $2.50 for a piece 18 x 24. There would be a little more added on for shipping but you can see it is relatively inexpensive. I will pass on all the details after I check out the samples. The good news is that it will continue to be available.

For local artists on the Peninsula and South Bay, I received a newspaper article about an art project in downtown Redwood City. The revitalized downtown has many storefronts that are unoccupied. A San Jose woman, Cherri Lakey at cherri@twofishdesign.com. is working with Redwood City to create "gallery space" with these windows. The project is called Phantom Gallery and she is looking for artists who would like to put their paintings in the windows. I e-mailed her today and I am in. If you are interested, just contact her.

I am scheduled to present my Watercolor Portrait Workshop in the Dallas, Texas area during the week of February 11 through the 15th at the Visual Expressions Gallery in Cedar Hills.

In March I will be in the Denver area doing two 3 day workshops back to back in Littleton on the 6th through the 8th and the 10th through the 12th.

April 5th, 12, 26 and May 3 and 10 I will be doing the workshop in Concord, Ca. I haven't decided whether that one will be beginning or advanced.

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