Monday, November 5, 2007


I am getting some really great e-mails from some of you and more of you are sending me your efforts. Today I am posting some of your comments to go along with the slide show. It is inspiring to me to see what you are doing. Keep it going!

Hi Myrna!
I'm sending you some things that I did from last week's challenge-scribble drawings with a contour drawing around.
I don't get out much since I don't drive anymore (flunked the eye test to renew my drivers license, due to Macular Degeneration and cataracts). But, I have plenty of wiggly subjects at home to work on!
This is one of my 21 year old Manx cat, Bitsy, who moves, as do my other pets, everytime I try to draw them!
Actually, I start out most of my people drawings with gesture drawings and do things like gesture drawings while I am at football games, pep rallies, and other places that I would rather not be!
Cecelia Heinrich

Took photos before the ink fades... ;-)

Dome on Bristol Smooth Surface drawing paper, mixture of colors, from the movie "Enchanted April", that offered a wealth of expressions and faces! These Elegant Writers are lots of fun, but I think they work best when you just let them do their thing, and not go over and over it to death, like I tend to do...

Not sure about #3 (the woman with the wrestler broken nose... didn't have time to finish it and better render the form).


I painted at the gallery yesterday and played around with my continuous line drawing on hp paper and used gouache. He looks a little like an Indian I used so many bright colors. He's taken from your image you put on your site. I'm enjoying your drawings and the info about your sketchbooks and how you manage the bulk. I've put some mat medium + water on a watercolor paper and drew in a self portrait with red ink (water soluble) and will work on sometime this week. Regards, ns
Nancy Standlee

Hi Myrna,
really enjoyed your demo yesterday, I find watching you very inspiring and your enthusiasm is contagious.
Here's a couple of sketches I did using the elegant writer. I can't seem to find the plain water pen so I used an old WC brush and water.

While looking at your web site, I discovered that you are the artist whose work I fell in love with in the Watercolor magazine. In fact you inspired me to do a painting on gesso which was stamped with a texture from an old curtain. I love the way the watercolor pools in the textural areas. (also won an award at an art show with it!)
Barb Sailor

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