Friday, November 2, 2007


I thought I would make the challenge tie into the monthly painting challenge today. Keep a sketchbook handy all week and record grid patterns when you come across them. I am going to go through the Gee's Bend quilts and copy the grids I like into my sketch book. Grids are simply a way to divide up the space. Which artists can you think of that work from a grid. Chuck Close comes to mind and, of course, Mondrian did nothing but grids. Might be fun to see how different a painting you could create based on one of his grids. How about an arial image of farm land. Overhead wires of a streetcar intersection. When you focus on something, it is amazing how it appears all around you. When you find an interesting source for grids, be sure and let me know.

I have tried for the last two days to upload an image to the blog but there is a problem. Hopefully they will have it fixed by tomorrow and I can share my first trial painting for the month.


Nava said...

Here's one source for grids: Google Maps (or any map/atlas, for that matter).

Don't forget your brushes tomorrow (and the drawing :-)

Myrna Wacknov said...

A message I received from Terri Hill:

"I find an excellent source of grids in wonderfully designed page layouts of ads, book design, brochures, posters, all kinds of print materials."

Thanks, Terri, for the idea!

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