Thursday, November 15, 2007


I spent yesterday morning traveling again! I am so tired of cramped airplanes, rediculous regulations (they took my yogurt away still sealed, that I had purchased at the airport - seems it is classified as a "liquid or gel") long waits, yada, yada, yada. I did take the time to do some additional sketchs of my old man from the Toronto airport as I intended to do another version for the demonstration for the Menlo Art League. I got home in plenty of time and enjoyed meeting everyone at their meeting. They were a very attentive group and were intrigued to see painting on Tygerag synthetic paper. I have posted the sketches and demo painting plus a detail. You can see them in greater detail by clicking on the image. It will come up larger in a new window.

As promised, here is the contact information for the Tyvek source I discovered. The company is Material Concepts and the Sales Specialist is Lisa Conway. This is a wholesale distributor of Tyvek products. The toll free number is 800 372-3366 and the email address is Company web site is The product that looks the most like what I have been using is Tyvek sheets for printing 7.5 mil (18#) I am going to order a carton of 500 sheets (that is the smallest order!) in the size of 25" x 38". That way I can do a large piece or cut in half for 2 pieces 25 x 19 which is a great size for me. I will be sharing this box with other artists in the area. I suggest others get together and share an order, too.

Tomorrow is the slide show. I have been receiving very exciting work from many of you. Everybody is really getting into the challenge and stretching their imaginations!


Nava said...

I loooooooooooooove the sketch in black & blue - it has such incredible mood to it, and a powerful "you talkin' to me!?" expression.

I am starting to suspect I am a monochromatic type of gal.

They took away your yogurt?



Well, now w'all feel safe!

Nava said...

On a second thought, the expression of the man in these sketches (and the painting) looks more like "You want to take my WHAT!??"

Obviously, you did them shortly after your yogurt saga.

RHCarpenter said...

LOL! Had to laugh at Nava's interpretation of the man in the airport :) Yes, yogurt can be deadly if placed in the wrong hands!! I feel your pain as I hate traveling on planes - everything about it is made to create anxiety, tension, anger and frustration. But thanks thanks thanks so much for the tygerag contact - I'll definitely get together with some others and purchase some.

Nancy Standlee said...

Hi, Myrna
Glad you're back and love this demo and thanks for the tygerag source. I've emailed the company last night to ask for a sample. Maybe I could order a Texas batch if I like working on it. I've sent your site to others in the workshop as some were interested in the challenges.
Maybe someone had missed breakfast and thought your yogurt looked like a nice treat. And we can get on with pointy ended brushes? I think my #18 Round would be more deadly than my 6 oz. Mixed Berry yogurt.

sunny said...

Thanks for sharing your creative process with us. I love your sketches . They are very inspiring.

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