Sunday, January 20, 2019


LIFE DRAWING 1/18/19 #4

This was my favorite of the 3 hours of drawing.  I loved the fluid lines of the body and the beautiful shapes.  I was also happy that the digital marks were working in my favor.  It is still an experimental process, trying to select different tools and seeing what happens.  I deleted a lot of my efforts this time.  No sense in using up valuable space on my iPad.   I am already at maximum capacity.  Next time, I will purchase the largest amount of memory available.  It is amazing how quickly it seems to get filled up!

LIFE DRAWING 1/18/19 #3

This one seems off in proportion but right in the gesture.  The forward leg should be slightly longer and the head slightly smaller.  The length of the pose doesn't allow for making these corrections but it is all just practice, anyway.  Part of the experience is learning to judge these things as accurately and quickly as possible.

LIFE DRAWING 1/18/19 #2

I am fascinated with the vector drawing tool. Still trying to master it.  I think I am getting closer to controlling the shapes and creating lines.

LIFE DRAWING 1/18/19 #1

I find feet the most difficult.  I was happy with the foot on this one.
These drawing sessions are a wonderful opportunity to draw different body shapes.  Last week the model was compact, very muscular and had very round shapes.  This model was long in the torso, more angular and elongated lines.  Next week I think we will have a male model.  We have room for more artists to join us, so I hope some of you will drop in and give it a try. 


Sonia said...

All good practice Myrna, both with the drawing and the digital features. I don't often get the chance to attend life drawing classes and, when I do, I seem to be starting from "square one" again.

Candy said...

Very nicely done, Myrna! It looks like you're having fun. I think the top one is my favorite, too.

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