Friday, January 11, 2019


2 Minute pose using digital app SKETCH CLUB.  I found the Pencil stylus zoomed over the glass and was not pleased with the out-of-control feeling so I changed the drawing tool for the next one to the vector setting and played with that for the quick gesture drawings shown below.
Vector drawings are fun but different strategies have to be employed.  I was working very quickly and didn't take the time to correct and change lines and shapes I didn't like.  I will be practicing a lot with this tool until I can control it.  It has lots of potential.
This vector drawing is better but not there yet!

This one turned out interesting but more a lucky accident than intentional.

Total Mess!

Getting better at producing a line quickly!

Someday I will get the feet in!

I am not sure these are in order.  Mixed bag of control and poor shapes.

Once we got to 5 and 10-minute poses, I switched to brush mode and pen line.  

I sometimes think it is easier to quickly get the gesture and general placement by sketching the large shapes and coming back in with a correcting contour line,  

I am not sure, but this looks like I started with line and filled in with value.

Definitely, volume then line.  I am fairly pleased with this drawing.

Explored color with a longer pose.  Decided to reinforce some lines with a dark line but ran out of time!

Tried to express cool shadows but it was challenging as the model had quite a bit of tattooing and it was difficult to determine what was shadow and what was merely ink.  Fortunately, her skin tone and the ink were not so contrasting as to lose the form of the muscles.  Light skinned models with lots of tattoos are almost impossible to draw as the imagery hides the subtle shifts in tone,  If I had my way, I wouldn't hire a tattooed model.  One model at a session I attended had an entire peacock in color over her entire back!  Ridiculous from a drawing perspective.

A 20-minute pose gave me the opportunity to try and do a portrait.   I tried some different brush modes.  This one was like a pencil.  Too far away to get a good likeness but fun to play with.  I did some negative painting to establish the outer contours of her turban.

This one appears out of order of drawing.  Working on volume shading.  

This was the last pose of the day.  Starting to feel I was in control a little more.  Like most of this one. 

The session had 7 people attending the first week.  This week we had 10!  Even had a young mother with a two month old baby snuggled up in a device carried in the front.  When you are determined to keep up with things, there is always a way,   Looks like it should be a big hit and very popular once the word gets out.  

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Candy said...

What fun, Myrna! You got some great results. My husband (a tech guy) was very impressed! Me, too.

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