Saturday, April 24, 2010


I had a few days at home and then I was off to Portland, Oregon last Monday to do a three day workshop for OSA.  I was able to spend Monday and Tuesday with my long time friend before the class began.  She took me to Powell's Bookstore...I think I could live there!  If you are ever in Portland, Powell's is a MUST!  I controlled myself and only purchased 3 books. (mostly because I had to carry them all afternoon)  They have the used books and the new books all on the same shelves.  Rows and Rows and Rows of books on art.  Rooms and rooms and rooms of books on every subject in the world.   We walked around the Pearl District looking for galleries.  Many had closed but we saw lots of interesting art.   Portland was looking especially lush this week with all the flowering trees in bloom.  Lots of forested areas in and around the city.

The workshop was wonderful.  Everyone worked hard and there was a wide range of experience in the group.  I will post a slide show tomorrow after I get all the photos labeled and adjusted.  In the meantime you can pop over to Carrie Holst' blog and get her perspective on the class.  This is my demo piece.  Good old Morris is painted one more time.  I just love his face, hat and beard.  I showed texturing gesso with stamps.  You can see the effect in the detail photo.  This painting came together very, very quickly. Sometimes the gods are with us!


Unknown said...

Thanks Myrna, I'm so glad you came to Portland and agreed to come back next year. I learned a lot... the camera lesson too. I do remember someone else using the technique of holding down their watercolor paper with Elmer's glue. Wendy Dunder used to attach it to three inch thick slabs of foam insulation like your pink board,elephant paper too and she could 'pop' it right off.

Jala Pfaff said...

This is great. Such character in this portrait.

Cindy said...

Every time I visit, I am amazed by your work. you must inspire so many.take care.

Marie Theron said...

Hi Myrna, excellent painting done in the spotlight! Here is why it was a successful demo: 1. You are way-way ahead your adience. 2. A certain type of adrenaline must be flowing when you are in a spot where nothing must go wrong!

SKIZO said...


William Woods said...

Myrna: Thanks for the great workshop. Keep up the good work.

Being familiar with the construction industry I know they throw a lot of scrap material in land fills including, I am sure Tyvek. Craig's List in Portland has a 5' X 200' roll for sale for $100 if anyone is interested. I would encourage your students to help keep Tyvek out of land fills by going to construction recycle centers and contacting local contractors.


teri said...

i want to attend one of your classes
someday .... looks like so much fun!!!!

Meera Rao said...

I love the character, colors, texture and details in the face :) BTW --last week when a piece of mail came in 'tyvek' envelope -I salvaged 2 empty 5x7 pieces from it and tried watercolors on it --my post on the blog for Earthday :) --many thanks for the heads up on tyvek painting! --and I put in a link for your blog too :)

Myrna Wacknov said...

Carrie, it was terrific to meet you in person and have you in the workshop. Your talent shines! I tried the Elmers glue on a test piece of paper and it did come off so I used it on my latest painting. So far it is sticking! I just put it on the edges all around and diluted it somewhat.

Thank you Jala, for the nice compliment.

Hi Cinner. I appreciate the comment. I love to learn and to share what I know.

Hi Marie, I have stopped worrying about demos. When they come out well, everyone is excited. When they don't, I give hope to others that even instructors mess up. Either way it is win-win for me!


William, it was great having you in the workshop. I wish more men would sign up. Tyvek used in the housing industry usually has the words TYVEK written in big letters all over it. Otherwise it would be an excellent source for the paper. Nice that you are concerned about the environment.

Teri, I would love to have you in a class. Tell your local art organization that sponsors workshops to check out my website and blog. I go where I am invited. Looking for more invitations!!!!

Meera, glad you found some Tyvek to play with. Try making the wallet with an envelope. U-Tube has a video with the instructions.

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