Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I did the tissue paper layer Monday and didn't get around to drawing on the image until today.  My great plans for painting yesterday got waylaid but I did get caught up in my office to a reasonable degree.  Of course, the rest of the house is tragic!  Too we draw and paint!!  I am going back into the studio and paint this in a few minutes.  I thought I would post the stages since I am documenting them.

Along the way in sticking to this general idea for a series, I am learning lots of little helpful techniques and adding to my art knowledge bits and pieces at a time.  I love that I make these small discoveries.  Everyday there is something new which keeps life fresh and exciting.  I can't imagine doing the exact same, safe thing over and over.  I am fortunate that I don't have to in order to survive.  If you have a choice, I hope you don't settle for "safe".


Sherry Pierce Thurner said...

look forward to each step in your artistic explorations. I am interested in the montage of self portraits; it got me thinking about doing something similar, but with small drawings of family members in the background.

Judy Tillson said...

I really can relate to your excitement, I feel the same way about my photography and photo montage work. Here, too, there is a new technique or idea I try to work on -- life is "fresh and exciting" because of this passion. And I hope my work conveys this to my friends and family.

Kpeters said...

I am SOOOO inspired by you and really look forward to all your posts! You rock!!
Thanks so!

Unknown said...

Sage advice!! Probably the best advice anyone could give. I like this next step very much.

Donald's Garden said...

I think your piece is finished already! Put down the brushes!!! Am I too late?

Start the same painting but leave this drawing as is!

Love it!

Joyfulartist said...

I can't wait to see the results of this painting. It's so interesting.

Gaga said...

Tragic. I love it. That describes my studio. I paint in encaustics and I am finding some of your ideas useful. Thanks:) My techniques will be different, of course. But since everything I do is in layers, it transfers. I often make my background, then draw in - as you do.

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