Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I think this is about as low as I can go and still have the image read "Frenchman" I may play with it further, but for now I am satisfied. I have ten versions of simplification, each one with a little less extraneous information. I think it comes naturally to Peggy Stermer Cox. She's absolutely brilliant at designing, not so with me. But, I am getting the hang of it and having fun with the process. I am finding tracing paper a great tool. As I try different ideas, I can easily erase the lines that don't work and trace some of the lines and shapes from previous versions that I particularly liked, as I work out new drawings. It makes the process go fairly quickly.

I was doing these additional drawings for the book I am working on. It is slowly taking shape and I am getting excited about it.
I have nine pages completed. Trying to fit what I want to do on each page into the templates they provide is a little more difficult that I thought. I am learning a lot....especially patience!


Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Thank you Myrna!

I like how you've simplified the Frenchman. I particularly like how you can express so much with an economy of line!

Nava said...

“The fewer the lines, the more important each line", said Picasso.

These remind me of the wire drawings you had on your blog about 2 years ago. Very elegant simplification.

Elflling said...

I cannot wait to see the book you are creating...

meera said...

less is more :) -- I like the sketch of frenchman with one eye a lot ! gret job. and good luck with the book.

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