Sunday, July 12, 2009


I was able to work in the studio tonight with excellent light! I only have one more major space to organize and the studio will be up and running. One of the best ideas I had was putting the portable overhead mirror that I use for teaching on top of my work surface. It keeps it safe and out of the way but also lets me check what I am working on instantly without having to stand it up and walk away from it. Since so many of my paintings are on Tyvek or YUPO, they have to be worked on flat. Now I can check my drawing easily before I paint. This mirror breaks down easily, is light weight and fits in my compact car for transport. It costs around $200 and has been an excellent investment. I will have to go through my receipts to find the company information.

I spent hours at the computer this morning moving photographs onto the auxiliary hard drive organizing them into categories as I went. Payback time for the slipshod way I treated the photos when I took them. The digital equivalent of throwing them in a box unsorted. At least I will be able to quickly find what I need in the future.

I am making great progress on my book, as well. I have 6 pages completed. I realized I needed more drawings and I have to redo some in ink so they will photograph better. I should have enough to complete a few more pages tomorrow.


RHCarpenter said...

You DO have a big space to organize! I like seeing all that room and all those places for your materials :) And that nude painting is gorgeous! I assume it's oil?

Nancy Standlee said...

Myrna, thanks so much for showing us your studio and arrangement. I think all artists are interested in how and where we work. It is in the garage or bedroom? You've done a super job. I love your comments about the photos on the computer and I so agree as I'm always searching too long for a photo. That is on my do-list as too many times I've quickly named a folder "download" and dumped a large number of photos in. Once all this gets organized maybe we can be more diligent in keeping it that way. Great job.

Myrna said...

Rhonda, this is a 2 car garage and I have about 2/3 of the space to work with. No basements in this part of the world so the cars sit outside! The painting is acrylic and collage, posted earlier on the blog.

Nancy, I was forced to organize my photos because my computer memory was all used up with them and I couldn't do some important things (like work on my book!) It will take all my self discipline to keep things organized after the initial enthusiasm for the job wears off!

Dan Kent said...

Wow - what a beautiful studio.

Myrna said...

Dan, thanks for the comment. I checked out your blog. Great progress! I was especially touched by your Father's Day tribute to your sons.

Joyfulartist said...

Investing time in your creative workspace is time well spent. I think your idea about the external hard drive is great; I have such a hard time letting go of my pictures into a CD or flash drive; I feel like they are so vulnerable to loss. Your studio space looks inviting.

Cindi said...

whoa.. looks like you're getting handle on this.. when you get done... you invited to do mine, its smaller , so it will be a piece of cake.. i'll fix some ice tea!!


wonderful studio!!

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