Saturday, July 25, 2009


Today's efforts were focused on color. I made two attempts to do a painting with hue/tint/white. I started with a magenta along with yellow and thalo blue. Magenta has some blue in it so the mixtures with yellow were actually tones (neutralized). I started over with deep rose red, new gamboge and thalo blue. Finally, I was able to create a painting with only hue/tint/white.

I had this idea to grid the failed two paintings and alternate the strips. It's much more interesting than the original versions.


RHCarpenter said...

Myrna, can you comment a bit more on what you mean by using just hue/tint/white? I think I know what each of those terms mean but unsure how you are applying them. However, I DO like the final painting a lot and like the idea of the grids, too.

Myrna said...

Rhonda, I will expand my remarks in the next blog. Thanks for asking. You may be sorry!

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Myrna. I don't think I'll be sorry at all! :)

Dan Kent said...

I'm kinda getting addicted to your lessons and I have to say that your gentleman is looking so much healthier today!:) I like these two paintings a lot. Can't wait to find out what hue/tint/white means!

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