Tuesday, July 7, 2009


A member of my critique group, Jane P., found herself unexpectedly in the hospital with a serious medical incident! What a shock to everyone, especially Jane. Fortunately, she is making a swift and full recovery. The group decided to make her an art bouquet as it will express our feelings of friendship and love and last longer than fresh flowers. Here is my effort. All the cards are artist trading card (ATC) size of 2.5 x 3.5. This one started out as a little experiment on YUPO that went awry. This section looked like leaves and ferns so I stamped some little violets to complete my bouquet.

I have been spending the last 3 days working on organizing my studio. I tore down an ancient wall system that consisted of wire cubes that were falling apart and inefficient because of the shape. My husband replaced it with four 6' shelves. I was inspired by the studios shown in the recent issue of Watercolor magazine. Especially Donna Zagotta's beautiful workspace. There are a few challenges. I have quite bit of space but I must consider that the walls sometimes move in this part of the world, so I don't want to put anything dangerous up high on a shelf that may come flying off. Storing framed paintings is still unresolved but I have a plan that requires selling off a desk. I still have another day or two before it is all finally realized. I am going through every box, bag, shelf etc. I can't believe all the "stuff" I have accumulated. Doing collage makes for more junk that is saved for some future project! I didn't take any before pictures to protect my reputation but will post the final results when I get finished.


Anonymous said...

I am also cleaning my studio, Myrna. How does one choose what to throw away as an artist? I now consider what is available on the internet, and also what I can photograph and keep on file digitally. But many things I want to be able to hold and gaze at thoughtfully from several angles.

Best wishers for your friend's speedy recovery. Love the card idea (I didn't know there was an ATC size)

Veronica S.

Nancy Standlee said...

Hello, Myrna I worked on that yesterday while watching the M. Jackson life celebration on t.v. I did get a before photo with empty shelves but now I've put so many things in there I'm restricted to a small painting area. Oh, well, it's in one spot..well, maybe a lot in another room also. I'll post a photo soon. Collage collecting needs a room of its own I've decided.

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