Saturday, April 4, 2009


Thank you to everyone who welcomed me back! I appreciate all your kind words. I think I am pretty much over the jet-lag.
I finally have viewed all the photos and selected some to work from. I had a scare when I couldn't find the one photo I had planned to create my first painting. I had already deleted everything from my card and was devastated. I carefully reviewed all the discs and found it. What a feeling of relief. Next I need to create a photo book of the trip while it is fresh in my mind. There seems to be no end of things to work on. The little watercolor above was done sitting in the formal garden of the palace of the King and Queen of Spain. I posted the photo I took of what I was looking at, just for fun. I was the only one who wanted to go through the palace, so it didn't happen. The down side of traveling with companions. If I had known earlier, I would have gone through the palace by myself but it was late in the day and there wasn't time. Everyone else was sick of ostentation. Personally, I enjoy seeing how the other half lives.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Myna, I missed your blog and inspiration, thank God you are back.
It is interesting that you were the only one wanting to go through the palace, I would be one of those people who is always curious to see how the other half lives.

Anonymous said...

welcome back,Myrna. Missed you mucho! For awhile I was worried you
were ill but finally remembered you
were on the 'Grand World Tour'!!
Just nice to have you back online and working your motivation magic.
Missy from the bayou

Mary Paquet said...

Myrna, great watercolor sketch. You captured the image in a lovely painterly way.

Add the palace tour to the bucket list :-)

Nava said...

"I enjoy seeing how the other half lives"

I think it's more like the other 1%... :-)

That's a real fun sketch.

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