Friday, April 10, 2009


The last day of our stay in Madrid, we took the train to the close by town of Aranjuez. One of the Spanish kings, Felipe 11, had built a summer palace here. The spot was an oasis in the dry region of La Mancha. There were acres of gardens beside the palace. I came across this beautiful fountain in this Jardin de la Isla. What was so special to me about this particular fountain was the figure of a youth with a thorn in his foot. During WW!!, my father was antique shopping and found a marble statue of a boy with a thorn, purchased it and made it part of a lamp. The statue broke at one point and he glued it back together. So, I grew up with this very statue (ours was smaller). I have seen this statue in a major museum (can't remember which one) so there must have been many copies. Growing up we never knew this was a famous piece but we loved it. As kids we thought he was picking at his foot. It was a wonderful surprise to discover my childhood friend with a thorn so unexpectedly in the park. I always knew my dad had exceptional taste!


Aleksandra said...

Hi I just wanted to say how I injoy your site with all fine art and links you put here for us,thank you very much,good day to you.Sandra

sanjeev joshi said...

hi myrna,i am loving all of your spain sketches!the stories are great too!I sure will see your friends blog.

Ken Goldman said...

Been a while since I checked in. Love the use of the bleeding pen on this latest post and the great pictures of you sketching and watercoloring as I scroll down. Good to see you so busy in so many varied techniques.

Myrna said...

Aleksandra, thanks for stopping by. This is a wonderful new world of connecting with people all over the world!

Sanjeev, your on site paintings are amazing. Glad you like my sketches.

Ken, I keep trying out different approaches, looking for the right materials. The pen didn't bleed as easily as it had in the past. Thanks for checking in.

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