Sunday, April 5, 2009


I try to take my Moleskin sketchbook with me everywhere. I am getting better at using it. I decided a little hand mirror might be a good addition to the art kit. That way you could see people without continually looking at them directly. When your eyes meet while you are drawing a stranger, it feels a little weird!

We scheduled a guided walking tour of the beautiful Retiro Park in Madrid. It is huge, reminding me a little of Golden Gate Park here in San Francisco. Turned out that day was Father's Day in Spain. They chose the birthday of their patron saint to be the official Father's Day. It was the middle of the week but an official holiday and the park was filled to the brim with people. Lots of strolling musical groups. One energetic group played Dixieland Jazz and seemed to be following us as we moved from place to place. We stopped for refreshments and I drew some of the people around me.

Today I decided to sit down and do some drawing for a few hours even though I have a list a mile long of things I need to accomplish. I knew if I didn't make it a priority above all else, it wouldn't get done. The drudgery of everyday life can so easily take over and push out the good stuff. People often ask me how I get so much art done. My "secret" is I put art first. The things on my list will get done because I have no choice. Maybe at midnight, but they get done. I still have my office to clean up after I post tonight. I think I need a wife!


Nava said...

I really, really like the continuous line in those quick sketches that you do! Some of these people look as if they just came out of a Pedro Almodovar movie.

Sunny said...

I like the idea of using mirror. I had the problem when I sketched people in public. I once used my rear view mirror to sketch pedestrians in my car.

RHCarpenter said...

Wonderful work so far from your trip, Myrna - and you're so right: put art first, everything else will get done (or not!).

meera said...

wonderful sketches -- I still haven't figured out how to sketch without drawing much attention- and without feeling extremely self conscious of my shaky skills. And yes, its so easy to put aside art when there is a mile long list.

Sherry said...

These contour drawing are wonderful in their energy and expressiveness.

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